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21. RMC GEMS HK CO. T:(852) 23337909
[Manufacturer] precious & semi-precious stones

22. GARNET IMPEX T:(00852) 3426 9236
gemstones, semi-precious stones, beads, cut-sepcialx-garnet. all semi precious stone beads.

23. MILLAT HAN LIMITED-KITTY T:(852) 25234848
[Exporter; Manufacturer] jewellery (fine & imitation) & timepiece

24. CHOW DURK YU TRADING CO T:(852) 23664951
[Exporter; Export Agent] chow durk yu trading co

25. HONG WANG JEWELLERY LTD T:(852) 27662118
[Manufacturer] braclets, bangles, brooches, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings.

26. GEE LEE METAL & PLASTIC MFY LTD T:(852) 2480 6299
[Exporter; Manufacturer] necklace, choker, earring, ginger-ring bracelet, bangle, brooch, scarf, key-chain, etc

[Exporter; Manufacturer] 18k and pt900 jewelry with diamond

28. CROWNLUCK LTD T:(852) 23636269
[Exporter; Manufacturer] wholesaler, retailer, importer

29. RELIABLE OPALS & GEMSTONES CO T:(852) 27393339
[Exporter; Export Agent]
australia opal, synthetic opal, 925 sterling silver jewellery

30. MING HING GEM CO LTD T:(852) 23649227-9
[Exporter; Manufacturer] cut & polished turquoise, opals, lapis and other semi-precious stones

31. WING LI OPAL COMPANY T:(852) 35230272
[Manufacturer] opal, stones

32. GALLANT GEMS CO T:+852-23667023
[Manufacturer] gemaet jewellery, gemstore baed jewellery, opal jewellery, cnloured gemstores, jedeite, opal, other colured gimatore

33. OPAL HOUSE LTD T:(852) 23341366
[Exporter; Manufacturer] jewellery featuring opal doublets, white opal, black opal and boulder opal set in 9k, 14k, 18k gold and sterling silver.

34. OPALS AUSTRALIA (HK) LTD T:(852) 31571682
[Exporter; Manufacturer] 14k & 18k gold & sterling silver combine with calibrated solid and doublet opal stones in various shapes.

[Exporter; Manufacturer] 18k gold,14k jewellery

36. DATESUN OPALS MFY LTD T:(852) 23682001
[Exporter; Manufacturer] boulder opal, black opal, doublet, solid crystal, triplet

37. HANG FONG OPAL COMPANY T:(852) 27211291
[Exporter; Manufacturer] australian solid opal, opal doublet, opal triplet (sizes, free form & ball), synthetic opal (solid, triplet, doublet, bead & cameo), 18k & 14k opal jewellery

38. NEW RICHWAY CO. LTD. T:852-31758368
we do 316l stainless steel magnetic jewellery, magnetic titanium jewellery and magnetic fashion jewellery. we supply fashion jewellery too.

[Exporter; Manufacturer; Export Agent; Buying] stainless steel jewels, magnetic health jewels, watches, healthcare peoducts & insoles, bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, bangles & earrings. others: magnetic bangles, earrings, alloy bracelets, magnetic massagers, insoles & shoe-pads.

40. SOURCE PARFAITE LTD T:(852) 23687822
[Exporter; Manufacturer] metal, leather and plastic watch bracelets, buckles, spring bars for watches and buckles, glasses for watch, batteries, etc?

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