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How to contact business listed on Chinese Suppliers Directory ?

If you are interested in the products/services of a listed business/company, you can use the contact form to send an enquiry message to the business. We will try to deliver it free of charge.

If you want to sell/prompt your own products and services to the listed businesses/companies, please do NOT use the contact form. We will not deliver those kind of messages.

You can always contact the listed business directly using the contact details listed on our website or the business's website.

Contact Form

Contact form is for products/service enquires only and you can only send limited number of messages during certain period of time, depends on your membership.

Restrictions and limitations:

  • Membership required. If you do not login, we will sign you up automatically.
  • Subject to review and approval.
  • Purchase/Support enquiries only and you must specify the interesting product/service.
  • Limited number of messages.
  • No guarantee of delivery.

Send mutilple messages

To send multiple messages, or to sell/prompt your own products/services, please download the list and send messages using your own device and software.

DirectSend Service

We are planning a message delivery service for registered users to send messages to multiple listed businesses for a small fee. For more details, please contact webmaster.

More questions?

please contact webmaster if you have more questions.


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