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You can find businesses by searching their names, products or services, or by browsing the related categories and areas .

When you are looking for a certain industry or a product, you should always try browsing the categories first.

Keyword searching

We only index business names, products, services and key words (if provided). You can't search people names or addresses.

You can search by English words or phrases. We don't support logical operators like "AND" or "OR".

- When you search one word, only the businesses matching that word (or its variants) will be displayed and the result are listed in the order of business ranks

- When you search multiple words or phrases, the businesses matching most of those words are listed first, followed by those matching less words.

- When you specify a geographic criteria, businesses outside the specified area will not be displayed.

Some words are skipped such as "And", "Company", "Co" , "www" and etc. since there are used by most records.

Can't find your own business?

If your business are located in China and you can't find your business on this website, please check :

- If your business is listed or not? If not, try submit it by registering an user account.

- If you already registered and submitted your business, make sure you activated your account.

- Newly added businesses are subject to editor's review and approval before it can be displayed to public.

- Newly added businesses may not be indexed until next re-indexing schedule.

- Newly added businesses will not appear in searching or browsing results until our system flush the searching buffers.

- If you can't find your business by some key words, make sure you specify them in your business profile, in the product & service or key words field.

- Each searching and browsing will only return about 500 top matching businesses. Make sure your business rank is good enough to be included.

More questions?

please contact webmaster if you have more questions.


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